How the Claim of Being Old Saved Modern Paganism

Once again Jason Mankey hits it out of the park. An excellent comparison of 2 religions and the separate paths they chose, and how that has shaped how they look today. -Cypher

I cried the day Obama was elected (but not for the reason I thought)

Some interesting points to consider which don’t get enough attention in the white community -Cypher

Obama is in the White House, and black children are still getting shot by police. Obama is in the White House, and racism is still thriving. It’s entirely conceivable that another future black President of the Unites States could […]

Faith for the Naturalistic Pagan: Trusting in the Return of Warmth

As a Naturalistic Pagan and as a trained philosopher, I tend to find the whole concept of faith generally off-putting. As a naturalist, the association of the term with various theistic worldviews does not appeal to me. I do not like the term when used as a proxy for […]