“Doctrine” vs Personal Experience


John Beckett, writing for “Under the Ancient Oaks” over at Patheos Pagan, presented a point of view this week that matches my own. Please go over & read it. I’ll wait.

Welcome back.

I understand the idea of mythology and the value of using the stories of our ancestors as a framework for our […]

Kitty Cats and Republicans


2 weeks ago my cat Tigee (pronounced Tiggie) died. He had Feline Herpes, an acute respiratory infection in cats – there is no cure. It causes inflammation in the nasal passages, making it difficult to breathe. He had many close calls over the years, but this one finally did him in. He couldn’t breathe anymore, […]

How the Claim of Being Old Saved Modern Paganism

Once again Jason Mankey hits it out of the park. An excellent comparison of 2 religions and the separate paths they chose, and how that has shaped how they look today. -Cypher

I cried the day Obama was elected (but not for the reason I thought)

Some interesting points to consider which don’t get enough attention in the white community -Cypher

Obama is in the White House, and black children are still getting shot by police. Obama is in the White House, and racism is still thriving. It’s entirely conceivable that another future black President of the Unites States could […]

PostPaganry, Part 2: Reason and Spirituality, by Glen Gordon

PostPaganry, Part 2: Reason and Spirituality, by Glen Gordon

Wow – I love this article. -Cypher

Postpaganry draws on spiritual naturalism by applying reason to spiritual and religious 1 matters. This includes science, but also the application of my own reason in interpreting my subjective spiritual experiences. From the beginning of my Pagan spiritual awakening 15 years ago, I was — and continue […]

The Idea Behind PostPaganry, Part 1: Introduction, by Glen Gordon


Wow – powerful stuff. Has me rethinking some things… -Cypher

“Postpaganry doesn’t belong to anybody and it belongs to everybody. Postpaganry is the moment when you are the most alive and aware of the world around you. Postpaganry is when that moment sweeps you away in to spontaneous ceremony and celebration of life within […]