Programs available now!

The Sankofa and Sirius Rising programs are now available online – check them out!

Reporting live from Brushwood

I’m at Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman NY and will be reporting Live on the Sankofa and Sirius Rising festivities over the next 2 weeks.  Be sure to check out the Brushwood site for more details!

Goddess in the Bible?

monotheist cutting down ashera pole)

I just read a fascinating blog post regarding Asherah in the Bible. I highly recommend that you read it. It speaks of Asherah, wife of YHWH, who was expunged from the Bible we have today by monotheists.

It has many archaeological and Biblical citations to back this up, but the one that really got me […]

Whats going on

HappyPaganDance Drawing

Hello! I am finishing up the transition to my new computer, it amazing how many little tweeks & weird configuration things you have to do to get the new one up & running just the way you like it.

Just a few random thoughts:

I’ve noticed that I’m happiest when I go to bed early […]

be back soon


I’ll be back soon – just had an extremely busy week buying a new computer and a new car. Both are draining – both of spirit and of finances.

The computer transition is nearly complete – it never ceases to amaze me just how long it takes to transfer everything over to the new machine […]

A great idea for the Privacy Deprived

Sorry everyone, I’ve been “busy as a one armed paper hanger” as the saying goes. But I did come across this article about having a “journal ritual”, which seems like a great idea for those of us with no space, no privacy, or both. I’m going to give it a try at work! Its a […]

Is it just me?


I find myself in the midst of a change. Since I am just a “young pup” in the Pagan community I don’t know if its me, if its something that everyone goes through, or if its something deeper, something that has been changing in Pagandom that is triggering these feelings.

Maybe its always been this […]



Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big, big fan of John Beckett over at Patheos Pagan. And boy did hit one out of the park recently with his interview with Sparrow on the Wigglian Way podcast.

If you are an activist, know and care for an activist, or even if you just feel […]

Higher Selves


I haven’t had much time to read others writings this week, so I thought I’d just write some about my background and beliefs. Like I’ve said in the past – I don’t pretend to speak for the Pagan community in any way – this is me. I am eclectic – I take what works from […]

My favorite authors


I started this blog as an attempt to get more involved with reading the writings of other Pagans and to keep myself informed – and it is working. I have found 2 writers that I can already tell are going to be influences in my life – for different but similar reasons.

I am simply […]