Whats going on

Hello!  I am finishing up the transition to my new computer, it amazing how many little tweeks & weird configuration things you have to do to get the new one up & running just the way you like it.

Just a few random thoughts:

  • I’ve noticed that I’m happiest when I go to bed early (really, really early – like 9) and get up early in the morning.  Perhaps you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting?  Thats because I got out of the habit of getting up early, and thats when I blog the most.  I hate going to bed that early, but since it is how my brain seems to like things I guess I’ll have to look into doing it again.
  • To the person who said “Happy Naked Pagan Dance?  It doesn’t look that happy, I don’t see any dancing and nobody is naked” – this site is ABOUT the Happy Naked Pagan Dance, not an exhibition OF happy naked pagan dancing.  You see, when you are in tune with nature you are Happy.  Pagans are more in tune with nature, therefore being Pagan makes you Happy.  In front of the Goddess we are all Naked, even when we are clothed,  and many of us worship skyclad when possible.  And all of life is a dance, everything in unison is weaving the web of life.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.
  • If you are in the Erie PA area on May 2 please drop by Brushwood  for their annual Beltane celebration.  I don’t have their event schedule but there will be a maypole.  I’m going, hope to see you there!
  • If you are in the Pittsburgh area on May 3 Spiritways CUUPs in conjunction with Confluence Grove CUUPs will be holding their Beltane ritual.  Potluck at 5 PM with the ritual starting at 7 PM.  Due to the powerful nature of the rituals no children under 12 will be admitted.

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