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thI started this blog as an attempt to get more involved with reading the writings of other Pagans and to keep myself informed – and it is working.  I have found 2 writers that I can already tell are going to be influences in my life – for different but similar reasons.

I am simply falling in love with John Beckett.  Our minds think alike – we are so similar in our beliefs that I believe that we may be of the same Higher Self.  Remind me, that might be a really good topic for a future post.  But I digress.

Like me, John Beckett is a Pagan and a Unitarian Universalist, and like me he says that he became a Universalist “long before he left Christianity”.  He is Druid, I am not (or am I?  Still working things like that out – they aren’t clearly defined), but otherwise the similarities are striking.

John inspires me.  He calls us to action in ways that I haven’t heard from other Pagans.  He challenges some ideas that I’ve been taught by others, in a good way.  And he introduced me to the other writer that I’m not quite sure about yet, but who puts forth some intriguing ideas.

That author is Peter Grey.  Peter got my attention when I read the first words of his page, Rewilding Witchcraft:

“How tame we have become.  How polite about our witchcraft.  In our desire to harm none we have become harmless.” 

Powerful words, and I fear they may be true.  Many of his ideas would be considered extremist by most people both in and outside of the Pagan community.  I hope he is wrong, but I fear that he is more right than any of us are willing to admit, at least publicly.  He also said something that hit too close to home:

“…as these are the rites over which our witchcraft presides, not some nudist holiday camp capers predicated on a glut of cheap oil.”

Ouch.  That hurt.  The highlight of my year is going to a certain “nudist holiday camp” for some awesome “capers”.  But I understand his point – it has to go much, much MUCH deeper than that.  And I have been guilty in the past and allowed that one festival to substitute for a deeper faith and practice the rest of the year.  I’m working on that, and writing on this site is a big part of that.  I feel like I’m on a journey now – stick around & walk with me for awhile.  –Cypher



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