Higher Selves

thI haven’t had much time to read others writings this week, so I thought I’d just write some about my background and beliefs.  Like I’ve said in the past – I don’t pretend to speak for the Pagan community in any way – this is me.  I am eclectic – I take what works from all sources & toss the rest.  Deep down I believe that is what our ancestors did.  They had short, hard lives – they didn’t have time for things that didn’t work.  The Wheel of the Year was born out of this; they weren’t looking to create something mythical or magickal – they observed how the world works & created something that described it and helped them keep track of the cycles.  It worked and was useful.  And that is the basis of my beliefs and the foundation for my journey.

Most would not consider me to be very traditional.  I don’t follow a pantheon or any particular deities.  I’m not saying that I’m against it or that I won’t in the future – its just that at this point in my journey I haven’t found it to be useful.  I tend to lean towards the scientific, natural and spiritual aspects of paganism.

I believe that we all are connected to a spiritual consciousness, what I refer to as the Higher Self.  This Self exists only in the spiritual realm and is not unique to one individual person – many of us in the physical realm share this Higher Self.  Have you ever met someone and had that instant connection?  You’ve never met but somehow you finish each others sentences?  It is rare, but it has happened to me a handful of times in my life.  That is an example of two people who are both connected to the same Higher Self.

I like to use the analogy of a radio station.  This Higher Self is broadcasting – and there are many of them!  We are each somehow tuned into one particular Higher Self, and sometimes we may meet someone that is also tuned into that same “frequency”.  Just like individual radios will reproduce the sound differently so we will each interpret this signal slightly differently – but the message stays the same.  The neat thing is that this communication is 2-way, but we need to cultivate the skills necessary to truly take advantage of this.

Just like an old dial radio will get out of tune or interference will create static, so too our daily lives and problems will interfere with our communications with our Higher Self.  The best way I have found to strengthen that communication is through mindful meditation.  When we learn to sit and quiet our minds, only then can we turn down the static and clearly hear what our Higher Self needs us to know.  This communication happens subconsciously (usually), but it is in these still moments that our deepest needs are “transmitted” to our Higher Self and the needed message flows into us.  And every once in a while that message might even come through on a conscious level – and that can be a truly mind blowing experience!

I know that this belief is nothing new.  Many religions teach this, though they use different terminology.  Some use terms such as God, The Universe, or prayer to describe these ideas – but I believe the teaching is the same.  When we learn to quiet our minds and open ourselves to that other realm – whatever you may refer to it as – only then can we begin to achieve true peace and understanding of what our purpose is.  The answer is within – if you allow it to enter.  –Cypher

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