Kitty Cats and Republicans

2 weeks ago my cat Tigee (proTigeenounced Tiggie) died.  He had Feline Herpes, an acute respiratory infection in cats – there is no cure. It causes inflammation in the nasal passages, making it difficult to breathe.  He had many close calls over the years, but this one finally did him in.  He couldn’t breathe anymore, and it was time to let him go.

That’s bullshit – and the reason for this post.

Republicanism worships at the altar of Capitalism.  The root word of Capitalism is Capital – which is money.  Big money, supposedly to invest.  Capitalism is a nice theory – those with money fund those with ideas and everybody wins.  Socialism – a system that benefits Society instead of those who simply have Money – is also a nice theory.  In a Capitalist system all of the money tends to go to the Capitalist (that’s why its named Capitalism), and in a Socialist system there tends to be inefficiencies which go uncorrected, and can result in wealth redistribution.  Neither system works in its pure form. Countries function much better when government is allowed to handle those areas which cannot (or should not) have a profit motive – such as finding cures for diseases – and Capitalism is allowed to handle those areas which should have a profit motive – such as developing the next smartphone.  But that isn’t the country we currently live in.

So…what in the world does all of this have to do with Kitty Cats?  Our system has swung entirely too far towards the Capitalism side of the pendulum.  There is little money to be made from curing Herpes – especially Feline Herpes – but there is a ton of money to be made from treating it!  Medications to treat symptoms will always bring in more money due to the long term nature of treatment.  Besides, why focus on a cure for something like Feline Herpes when there is SO much money to be made on boner pills & Botox?  The push is always to do what is profitable, and rarely has anything to do with what is right.

Old guys get it up and old ladies look young, while kitty cats suffer.  Its the American Way.

So anyway, welcome to my blog.  I don’t intend to make it about politics, but it will sneak in from time to time.  My Pagan beliefs go hand in hand with my political views – take care of the earth and eliminate suffering where possible.

Rest in peace Tigee.  You are missed.

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